Carfizzi welcomes “Inspiring Calabria”

Carfizzi, a hometown of Carmine Abate and one of the most authentic old villages of Calabria, is being put on a travel map of the south of Italy. Anyone who dares to explore, to learn, to experience and to feel the real Calabria is welcome to do so – and there is a place to go for that.

Yesterday the became a part of “Calabria Ispirata” – the tour around Calabria, organized by Festival of Hospitality, tour operator Destinazione Umana and Home4Creativity. This year it brings together tour operators, travel agents, journalists, bloggers, and video-makers on a five-day road trip through six different destinations in Calabria, classified as inspiring, sustainable and, obviously, unforgettable 🙂

Roberta Caruso, the founder of Home4Creativity

The is not only about the traveling, but also about the hosting – and so delighted and happy we were to be visited in our homeland by a team of same-minded people!

We started our day climbing to the top of Monte Pizzuta – 672 meters above the sea level – to enjoy the 360° breathtaking panorama of the naturalistic park “La Montagnella”, the villages around and the sea in the horizon. The visit to the viewpoint was followed by refreshing bike ride – organized with the kind support of Nicola Bresci, the evangelist of “Calabria in bici”. A short time later, our romantic picnic in the park was suddenly interrupted by the rain though, but we still got the moment to enjoy eating out in the fresh air.

In the afternoon, we continued our tour with a walk through the village, accompanied by readings of Carmine Abate. Through the pieces of his novels, a visitor of Carfizzi can learn the history of the village and its people, and more importantly, to understand and empathize them, becoming more familiar with their culture and the story.

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Certainly, there wouldn’t be any Calabria without the traditional music. Thanks to Pierluigi Virelli, our guests have learned more about Calabrian music and the traditional instruments of the region. The music, in fact, has become the connecting moment during the day – not only the guests but also the locals have enjoyed the sounds of tarantella and even joined the improvised dancing party. Even after dinner, exhausted and happy, we kept singing, laughing, enjoying and sharing impressions with each other.

Surely, more steps and events like this are needed to put towns like Carfizzi into travel itineraries. Nevertheless, we are all moving forward – days like that make it so clear that our homeland is a happy place. And our doors are open.