Cycling routes in Calabria

Cycling enthusiasts and travelers looking for original ways of exploring – Calabria is ready for you! Discover Calabria’s cycling routes, designed for you by your fellow like-minds “Calabria in bici”. The overall route circles all the Calabria and goes through 150 villages, archeological and natural sight, all accurately chosen to be a part of the itinerary.  The road is safe, but sometimes up and downhill – because the landscape of Calabria is not boring 🙂

Check out the map of the itinerary here:

“Calabria in Bici” gives you the possibility of a slow and tranquil journey on safe roads with very little car traffic. A journey to enjoy nature, artistic, archeological, religious sites. The overall route is super long – about 1000 km. Following the map, you can choose a piece of the route that you would like to do and just follow it, enjoying all the way. Cycling in Calabria is probably the ultimate way to explore it and take the most of this green and undiscovered region of Italy.

Nicola Bresci, the founder of “Calabria in bici”, says the project was inspired by one of the oldest traveler’s communities of Italy – “Touring club Italiano”. The founder of this community, Luigi Vittorio Bertarelli, was the first person to have traveled around the south of Italy on a bike – from Reggio Calabria to Eboli, Campania. This travel was done in late 1800’s, with the intent of bringing Calabria to everyone’s attention. “Calabria in bici”, nowadays, expanded the idea by improving the route and creating a detailed travel map.

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Today “Calabria in bici” opens the possibility for everyone to see the southern land of Italy from a new perspective, that was born out of beautiful experience centuries ago. The contemporary cycling route is convenient and available for anyone who decides to give it a try!

Planning your bike trip in Calabria, do not hesitate to contact “Calabria in bici” if you need any help. The authors of the project are glad to give a good advice to anyone who’s brave enough to explore this land the most exciting way. The consultations are available in Italian and English.