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The idea of the project was born from the love for traveling.

There are as many reasons to travel, as there are people in this world. Some have ancestors hailing from the boot-shaped land, and so they come back to rediscover their long lost heritage. There are families and young couples that fly the distance to enjoy the sun, good food and wine, famed landscapes and beautiful beaches. There are also people who travelled to Italy once in their life, but decided to retire here. Some come for the archeological discoveries or to enjoy the bellezza of little towns and villages along the coast. Reasons can be aplenty, and as the saying goes, not all those who wander are lost!

Now that you’re here, we invite you to join us in creating this project and become a part of

Are you a writer, photographer, artist, guide, video-maker or a blogger? Do you feel like you could contribute to creating a guide for southern Italy? Maybe you have travelled here and picked up some valuable tips? If you are willing to share your experience and inspire others, we’ll be happy to collaborate!

Send us an email or drop us a message.

We’re looking forward to have you in our community!

The team

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