Pizzo Calabro

The town of Pizzo Calabro is another gem in a string of wonderful seaside towns on the Tyrrhenian coast in Calabria.

Pizzo Calabro and its beach.
Pizzo Calabro and its beach.

The town if Pizzo Calabro stands on a cliff, so its small streets wind up and down the steep hill, and lead down to the white sand beach washed by calm waters of Sant’Eufemia bay.

In the past, the local folk made their living off of fishing (Pizzo is popular for its tuna). Nowadays, it’s become more popular among tourists for it’s beautiful beach and touristic landmarks. The Aragon castle – Castello Murat di Pizzo Calabro – was built in the 15th Century and is surrounded by a gorgeous citrus garden. Some say that Alexander Dumas himself visited the castle on his travels around Italy.

Panorama of Pizzo Calabro from the viewpoint.
Panorama of Pizzo Calabro from the viewpoint.

What to see

One of the most mysterious and fascinating places to visit in Pizzo is the Church of Piedigrotta, which is entirely carved into a cave overlooking the sea. The story of Piedigrotta is a famous local legend, which is not hard to believe once you see the inside of the church. It can be a bit eerie, but it’s a must-see!

Castello Murat - the Aragon castle in Pizzo Calabro.
Castello Murat – the Aragon castle in Pizzo Calabro.

Like any typical Calabrian town, Pizzo is small, but it has everything a seaside town needs to offer: a central square with restaurants, shopping streets offering local delicacies, bars for morning coffee and evening aperitivo. Plus, a Calabrian town never comes without a castle with the best panoramic view. There are many lovely B&B to stay at, and fantastic seafood restaurants to enjoy. This little town is also home to a famous ‘tartufo’ ice cream (the one that comes with marmalade inside).

How to get here

Its easy and quick to get here with a car from Lamezia Terme (20 minutes), but the only place to park a tourist car is at the viewpoint on the top of the hill (only locals can park in the rest of the town). There are also tourist shuttles from towns nearby, as well as bus tours. If you are not a driver, you can always ask your hotel staff for the most convenient way to get there. Do not forget to put this wonderful place in your Calabrian itinerary!

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