Welcome to Sorrento, one of the most popular places to visit in Campania!

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The coast of Sorrento

Why go 

Sorrento is a popular resort in the bay of Naples that is always crowded with tourists in high season, and for good reason! Its an incredibly beautiful town, full of classic Italian experiences:  warm blue sea, sunny weather all year round, a green landscape covered with citrus trees, and all the amazing local seafood you can eat!

Thriving on tourism, the town is very well accustomed to it’s international visitors boasting countless restaurants, shops, as well as walking areas, cozy hotels and a beach resort. Its popularity is also due to it’s location –  Sorrento stands right between Naples and the Amalfi coast, and if you’re driving up to the top of Sorrento peninsula, you can enjoy both panoramas – the Bay of Naples with the Vesuvius and the amazing Amafi coast.

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What to see

Sorrento has an interesting city landscape due to its uphill location. The main sightseeing of Sorrento starts from the Piazza Tasso – the main square, named after a poet Torcuato Tasso. The baroque church on the square is the Chiesa del Carmine (17-18th Centuries), and is famous for its beautiful paintings, so it is highly recommended to get a look inside! The street Via Luigi di Maio, which goes from central Piazza Tasso to the port is an eminent local sight and merely impossible to miss, as its sort of stuck between the rocks.

Via Luigi di Maio, Sorrento
Via Luigi di Maio, Sorrento

The main shopping street  – Corso Italia  – starts from the main square and leads all the way to the Cathedral of Sorrento, dedicated to Saint Phillip and James. The construction of the Cathedral (Duomo) started in the 11th Century and was only completed in the 19th Century. The front side of the building is made in neo-gothic style, and the Duomo interior is decorated with beautiful majolicas and frescoes.

Other important churches of Sorrento worth visiting are the Cathedral of Saint Antonio, the patron of the city, and the Church of Saint Francesco. The latter has a beautiful park behind it with a wonderful panorama viewpoint of Sorrento.

Continuing on, there’s the park Valley of Mills (Vallone dei Mulini), where you can see abandoned 19th Century mills. It has an incredible mysterious atmosphere! And if you are interested in ancient heritage, visit the Greek fortification systems, they are now restored and turned into a popular tourist spot. As for the museums, there’s the Bottega della Tarsia-Lignea  – the museum of local crafts, or the art gallery – Correale di Terranova.

Many people coming to Sorrento will want to visit the limoncello factory since Campania is considered the birthplace of the liquor. In fact, most of the limoncello served in restaurants is homemade, so you can truly taste the real flavor! However, supermarket limoncello is also local and of very good quality.

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Beaches of Sorrento           

The beaches here are famous throughout all Italy, however, some are not that easy to access due to the landscape. As a matter of fact, you may even have to take a boat from one of the designated piers. The best beach time is July, August and beginning of September. As for the most beautiful beaches – look for Marina di Cassano, Marina Grande and Marina Piccola, or discover Bagni della Regina Giovanna  – an amazing beach between the rocks.

Valley of Mulls
Valley of Mills, Sorrento

Around Sorrento

Needless to say, travelling around is a lot easier with a car. You can visit Naples, Sorrento, Amalfi coast and Salerno all within a week, without much prior planning. You can also take a boat along the coast and see all these amazing places with a sea breeze tickling your face!

Locals also recommend visiting the villages of Punta Campanella and Marina Puolo, famous for their ancient towers and architecture. On top of that, we recommend visiting the little old town of St.Agnello – a lovely village with a beautiful beach. You can also venture to Castellamare di Stabia – a slightly further northern village, where you can see mineral and sulphuric springs.

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How to get to Sorrento

The easiest transport from Naples is by train – from one central station to another. The trains are crowded in the high season (because Sorrento is also popular among the locals), but it‘s definitely the fastest and the cheapest way. There are no trains from Salerno, so you’ll have to take a bus. Buses go all the way through the Amalfi coast, which is beautiful, but will take longer on the tight serpentine road with traffic. The bus situation really depends on the season and your departure location, so the smart move would be to enquire at local bus station.

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