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Taking the first step on a new path can be difficult, but the steps to follow are often easier and even more exciting. Starting this blog is the second step of our journey. We will now be sharing our stories of southern Italy, and what we find to be interesting, significant, useful, delicious and fun!

We should probably start by saying a few words about the homeland of – magnificent Calabria. Here the nature and ancient history are mixed with strong traditions, and it is hard not to wonder why this amazing land is still so free of mass tourism, and why over so many years it is still untouched by ‘big world civilization’. Historically Calabria has always been poorer than other regions of southern Italy. For this reason thousands of people would often go north to get an education, a job, or a better life. But something has changed. In the 2000s a new pattern emerged, people of the south are moving back. In almost every little village of Calabria, you can meet young, fresh-minded people who are working to make their land a better place to live, and that is what makes a difference nowadays. The is a part of this homecoming movement, and we were extremely excited to find out just how not alone we were in doing this.

Many small businesses are starting up by passionate locals who are striving for a better quality of life. The tourist industry is spreading its wings year by year, and big travel magazines are now listing Calabria as one of the main destinations for international tourism in the nearest future. Its undiscovered beauty is becoming a magnet for those who seek something new, raw, wild and eye-catching.

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We believe Calabria deserved a proper introduction as it is our home, and is less known internationally (yet). However, the same can be said for the whole of southern Italy. We are all getting ready for more and more travelers to visit us – in Tropea, Monopoli, Gargano, Syracuse, Matera, Lecce, Acicastello and many other places you might not have heard of yet. Therefore, we would love for you to get to know us better 🙂

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