Where to go: Tyrrhenian coast of Calabria

Introducing the Tyrrhenian coast of Calabria: kilometers of wild coasts, sandy beaches, clear blue sea waters and charming coastal towns. Those of you who are looking for a relaxing vacation with stunning views, vibrant sunsets, and new food experiences – this place will be to your liking! Geographically the coast is divided into three parts, and each is unique in its own way and worth exploring.

Riviera dei Cedri – Riviera of the Citrons

Going southwards down the coast, you’ll first come across Riviera dei Cedri, which takes its name from the citron trees growing in the area. You might like to visit is Praia-a-Mare – a picturesque little area with dark sand beaches, and the neighboring National Park of Pollino. Other beautiful beaches in this area are located between Amantea and Belmonte. The cliffs of Isca (Scogli d’Isca), are protected by WWF and are beloved by divers for its clean waters and lavish underwater flora and fauna. We also recommend visiting the isle of Dino (Isola Dino) for its remarkable caves.

Praia-a-Mare, Calabria

On route, the quaint old town Scalea is worth passing through for its maze of streets and houses, and a scenic panorama of the coast. While the town of Diamante is a place for shoppers: known for its traditional wall murals and ‘bottega artigiana’ – arts and crafts hand-made by locals. You can also discover some natural beauty on the small island of Cirella, with its scenic caves, bays and 16th Century fortification structures.

Souvenirs from Diamante, Calabria

Costa degli Dei – The coast of Gods

Stretching 55 kilometers in the province of Vibo Valentia, Costa Degli Dei is also known as Costa Bella (beautiful coast) for its striking beauty of the Gulf of Saint Eufemia and soft white sand beaches. Start your journey with Pizzo Calabro, which sits on a high cliff by the sea. Then proceed to Tropea – an atmospheric town with beautiful architecture and crystal water beach. Its probably the most charming town on the coast, and therefore most packed with tourists in high season. From Tropea its half an hour drive to Capo Vaticano – a picturesque cape with a view of Stromboli island, which boasts one of the most scenic beaches of Calabria – Grotticella.

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Tropea, Calabria
Tropea, Calabria

Costa Viola – the Violet Coast

Located on the southern part of the Tyrrhenian coast, Costa Viola takes its name from the violet hues of the sea at sunset. With a view of the Aeolian Islands, you’ll appreciate the nature of mount Sant’Elia, the beaches in the town of Palmi and views in Bagnara Calabra. Speaking of views, we recommend a visit to Reggio Calabria, the capital city of the province and one of the main cities in Calabria. One of the things its famous for is the long and scenic seafront with a view of Sicily on the horizon, separated from the mainland by waters of the strait of Messina.

For your final destination in Costa Viola we suggest the town of Scilla, made famous by the story of Scylla and Charybdis. Scilla should be seen for its Chianalea village, the castle of Ruffo and, of course, the local seafood!

Palmi, Calabria
Scilla, Calabria